Performance Art

With this Art Blog i’d like to create a “public wall” where we could discuss and share opinions about Art drawing the roles together in the name of creativity.
The first topic will be the Performance Art.
Performance Art generally consists of 2 elements : the body of the artist as medium and the action which become art itself.
The essence of this expression stays into the absolute absence of rules, scheme or any other kind of attempt to rationalize it.
It is generally agreed to date its complex origins with Dadaism, Futurism and Conceptualism in Europe and the Action Painting of James Pollock in the States.
Wandering if it belong to visual art or not is one of the main dilemma realted to this movement; personally i consider this categorization a bit tight for a way of expression genetically intolerant to resctrictions.
This heterogeneous artistic DNA and versatile attitude explains indeed its attractive meaning and the enourms margins of development.
Still today performers are considered pioneers of a different expression which achieved a large public interest and access in the extreme wing of the traditional system of art.


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