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Cobra Art movement in Europe

Cobra in Art history is an European avant-garde movement (1948-1951) born between the cities of COpenhagen (CO), BRussells (BR) and Amsterdam (A); it takes its name from the conjunction of the initial letters of these three capitals. Charactherized mainly as the rebellion against the authoritarian II Post World War atmosphere, this movement represented an important […]

Street Art

Colorful representations on the city walls are the visual essence of the street art. Globe traveler artists take part this modern expression using public locations as art gallery and the urban landscape as frame. Street Artists want to break the borders of the “formal art world” killing its mainstreams and desecrating their holy temples. Provocative […]

Performance Art

With this Art Blog i’d like to create a “public wall” where we could discuss and share opinions about Art drawing the roles together in the name of creativity. The first topic will be the Performance Art. Performance Art generally consists of 2 elements : the body of the artist as medium and the action […]